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Beyond the Pale, pt. eight (of seven)

(An Appendix for Depressives)

watch 00:35-00:45

DFW’s Papers at the Harry Ransom Center // Dynamite Box at Indianapolis from the Library of Congress’ photostream

The Howling Fantods, the biggest DFW site on the web // The Stockholm Library

The New York University’s instructions for handling incendiary devices (such as footnotes) // He didn’t invent it, but he certainly elevated it to a higher plane

Host, by DFW // John Ziegler, the subject of Host, with some lady who wanted his autograph

The Harper’s Bazaar David Foster Wallace Archive // Reporters at Polo Grounds, New York, during the 1913 World Series, from the Library of Congress’ photostream

The David Foster Wallace Audio Project // One of the early World War I radars, called Listening Ears, this one in Kent, UK, from DJ Bass’ photostream

Karen Green’s website // Wedding photography

Consider the Lobster, by DFW, a moral examination of the boiling of live seafood // Lobster detail, from Tiquis! photostream

Federer as Religious Experience, by DFW // Federer Serve, from Dave_I’s photostream

String Theory, by DFW // Michael T. Joyce in Roland Garros 2008, from Tennis Channel’s photostream

Poor Yorick Entertainment, a visual exploration of the films that appear in Infinite Jest // Skull, from szdn’s photostream

This photograph leads nowhere // David Foster Wallace, with friend, by Marion Ettlinger



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